Saturday, July 21, 2012

back from cha chicago

The CHA Tradeshow in Chicago has come and gone... the days blended together and before I knew it, we were flying home. I flew home on two hours of sleep and remember the plane being so cold. I simply covered my head with a red Delta blanket and that's the last thing I remember until we were ready to land. Not attractive I know.

I am glad our Pebbles Inc. product did well at the show... This show, the three collections we introduced were Walnut Grove, Tricks and Treats, Seen and Noted. I stayed in the booth and talked with store owners and then every once in awhile I would run and and gather catalogues for the Pebbles store. I continually feel grateful to be working for American Crafts. They are good people.

Memories of the trip:
Leaving at 4:30 am to get to the airport, knowing it would be a long day. Running to catch our connecting flight. Glad I got to room with Darcy. 10 lb deep dish Chicago style pizza. Mike treating us to a HUGE chocolate cake on our last night... so perfectly yummy and just enough pieces for us all, along with an extra one for the lucky customer we gave it to. Staying back at the hotel instead of going to downtown Chicago with everyone, I ordered pizza in and organized my purchasing plan while looking through catalogues. Eating my weight in Kit Kats each day during the show... addictive. Losing my luggage for the first day until we realized it was under the floor of the van in a secret compartment. Hot and humid = sticky and sweaty in Chicago. Juggling rooms the last night. Catching up with friends in the business. Missing home.  

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miss ali said...

Oh, Brenda, you're adorable! :) Glad you're back!