Thursday, June 28, 2012

becky and scott

We have been counting down for months now and it's hard to believe that Becky and Scott are here from Tennessee. I look at both of them and have to pinch myself. She is here. Today we came home to lunch and the girls... it has been way too long since Scott has been here. The guy's trickled in as they finished work. Conrad & Carter loved their coon hats from Tennessee and Phoebe, her animals. Conrad would not stop working on his dinosaur egg until he broke it open. Paul's Mom surprised us and picked a lot of cherries that are so yummy. Is there anything better than a cold bing cherry? Eventually they had a nap because they are still on Tennessee time. Then we grilled hamburgers and the visiting continued. When Becky comes life stops and everyone gathers. Life feels good and complete.

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