Monday, April 23, 2012

my birthday

I believe I am almost caught up with our family news. I do seem to take a lot of pictures of our day to day memories...

In trying to figure out why we have so many birthdays in April, I counted backwards and landed in July. What's in July? Larry's face lit up "It's my birthday!"

For my birthday this year, I had to finish up a new prairie collection deadline for Pebbles Inc. at American Crafts until 7pm. I walked in the house and was surprised to find everyone here and the table all set with a homemade fondue dinner that was 'straighten your toes out' delicious. It is times like this when I feel surrounded by love with Larry and the kids. Conrad picked me a bouquet of happy dandelions. Katie gave me a cool journal. Each card has 10 lines, one for each year. We will be able to look back and see what we have done on each day. Love it! Conrad's fondue plate had little sections and he was sure to keep each spot filled. 

Later in the week, my friends made dinner for me over at Marci's.... a yummy salad, fresh out of the oven rolls and a 'I think I died and went to heaven chocolate cake". It was wonderful. The years have been good to our friendships. We share in the good times and help hold each other up during the hard times. Life is filled with both as we make our way through it. Mistakes are made. Family that I thought would always be a part of my life, are not a part of it any more... strange how the years go by without them. It doesn't seem possible, but somehow one day turned into a year and will soon be three years. It isn't about placing blame, it's about forgiving and moving forward. It has been my immediate family and friends that have stepped in and helped fill in the holes. Thank you for my Happy Birthday!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday my sweet sister....I will always be there for you♥ You are a woman who is blessed beyond measure!

The Ashtons said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda! You've been the source of lots of blessings in my lifeI love you!