Sunday, April 22, 2012

kelsie's birthday

After Easter Sunday dinner, Larry and I took Kelsie and Abby up to Salt lake to spend the night for Kelsie's birthday on Monday. We went to Temple Square and checked out the new City Creek Shopping Center that the LDS church developed. Beautiful! [Harmon's took my breath away]. Spring break is this week. Hotel room time is always our favorite time. Not sure why, but there is always something so magical about it. We ate breakfast at a little place called Bruges Waffles and Frites and look forward to eating there again real soon. We even had Cheese Cake Factory for lunch and Farr's Fresh Ice Cream later on when we came back home. It sounds like we basically ate our way through the day doesn't it? 

For Easter, the Bunny brought assorted boxes of See's candy to us, along with a sheet that has pictures and descriptions of each candy they make. We thought it would be fun to sample them in the coming weeks, cutting them into four pieces and circling our favorites. We have looked forward to our sampling times each day... so far we have added a few new surprising favorites to each of our lists.


Erika Rae said...

Bruge's Waffles are AMAZING. I am so glad that you found them. Every time I go up to SLC I HAVE to stop and get at least one.
Yum (:

Birrell Family said...

Kelsie found them through your blog and we jumped in and tried them. LOVE THEM! Thank you Erika :)

Becky said...

Happy Birthday my sweet Kelsie. Your SLC trip sounded perfect, plus to stay in a hotel with no cleaning! Love you so much and I'll hug you this summer♥