Tuesday, May 1, 2012

abby's patriarchal blessing

Abby received  her Patriarchal Blessing Sunday morning, given to her by Patriarch Cooper. We visited for about an hour before as he got to know Abby a little bit better and had a memorable time. Larry and I, along with her sisters were able to be there and the spirit surrounded us with such love. The guidance this blessing will bring her throughout her life is invaluable and will help her make good choices as she stays close to our Heavenly Father, through all of the ups and downs that will come her way. It will be a comfort and strength to her. It was a beautiful blessing just for Abby.


Becky said...

Is a patriarch a called position in the church? How does one become a patriarch? Is this blessing given at a specific age?

Birrell Family said...

A patriarch is a called position. Very sacred and a lifetime calling. They have the gift of prophecy. Members of the church decide when they are ready for it. Generally age 14 on up to late teens. Many times later in life. She [and the family] fasts and prayers before she receives it. I'll bring it to Tennessee when I come :)
Love you!