Sunday, March 4, 2012

the painting begins . . .

When there is work to do, my family & friends show up and gladly pitch in, even though the work is often hard. I couldn't do it without them, whether they were helping at the shop or watching the kids at home. There are plenty of questioning looks when I say . . . this is the last time we will have to do this. Tired? To the bone. Happy we are making this move? 100% yes. Wondering how this will all come together? Quite honestly yes (and worried about space). I have worn the same plaid shirt for a week now. There doesn't seem to be any need to change it. Good healthy eating has quickly gone out the window and has given way to anything that is quick, easy & available. I believe we have eaten all of the visiting teaching treats with a Twix candy bar in them. We are in survival mode at this point.

Cord showed up earlier in the day and helped me get a lot of stuff picked up, swept up or thrown away . . . it was good to have the company and the help. We are on our third huge dumpster and it is filling up quickly. There is a lot of stuff in 20 years of business. What I thought was so important years ago, I can't get rid of fast enough now.

Everyone helped make quick work of the painting . . . I finally settled on Dusty Trail. . . a warm gray. Honestly I would paint every wall around me that color.

Everything else in life is an unbalanced blur. . . but hopefully not for very much longer.

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Becky said...

Look at those men! Looks like they had some fun while painting. You are so blessed Brenda...they love you dearly♥