Sunday, January 1, 2012

new years eve

New Years Eve we stayed home. Ashlee made what can only be called an 'out of this world perfect' Alfredo sauce that we dipped everything into. It was lick your plate good! We made a chocolate fondue too and dipped fruit, brownies and Carter's favorite marshmallows into it. My favorite were the little slices of tangerines. We need to do it again. Soon. Katie, Ransom & the kids are in AZ with his family.

We played Harry Potter Scene it. Larry participates with humor and I just draw a blank and am of no help... though surprisingly I got one question right. We played in the basement family room and layered ourselves with blankets. The heating man is coming this week. Lucky Unders. Kelsie worked and got home after 10pm. Just Dance 3, Texting Katie and telling her we saw Christian Bale at Harmon's. To stay awake, we ate. I believe I gained 5 lbs, then fell into bed asleep. Morning came awfully soon.

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