Sunday, December 11, 2011

wisdom teeth

Kelsie got her wisdom teeth out on Friday. Impacted. All four. She did pretty well. Ransom taught her how to finally swallow pills just days before. What we didn't plan for was her being able to swallow pills with a very numb mouth... a memory I will never forget as she repeatedly tried while making a dribbly mess, trying to laugh with her lopsided smile and not being able to.

Pain killers= upset stomach= no pain killers. Leaky frozen vegetables juice= stinky Kelsie. Refried beans. Chocolate pudding. Soup from Ash & Paul. Homemade Mac and Cheese from Katie. Hallmark movies. Prison Break. Hash browns. Wearing Josh's socks for comfort. Snuggling in a bunch of blankets on her couch bed in the family room. Surprisingly little pain. Pictures she won't let me post. Tooth Fairy.


Kat said...

Kelsie - I'm so sorry - no fun! Get feeling better quick.

Becky said...

I remember those days with the boys. Keep the ice packs on and hopefully the swelling won't be so bad. Enjoy your family waiting on you!