Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas day

This was our first Christmas in 31 years that I woke up without Larry by my side. I missed him. A lot. He worked at the hospital and met us at Larry's parents for dinner and visiting in the afternoon. Family dinners are now two for two with a red jello stain on their carpet for the past two get togethers. We are more than grateful they are both feeling better.

Christmas morning we were able to go to Josh's Grandma Lewis's home and talk to Josh in South Africa. It was better than wonderful and nearly everyone got to quickly talk to him. Kelsie talked for just a bit, then we all took turns after his Mom and sister. After I talked to him, the phone connection died and I think Kelsie died along with it. None of the phones worked so we headed home quickly and went next door to the bishop's house so she could quickly call and say goodbye. Christmas was perfect after that. Kelsie, Abby and I came home and snuggled with a Hallmark movie.

We gathered back home about 6 and got back in our Christmas pjs and took our time opening presents. I still think of my step Dad Lee when presents were passed out one at a time to be opened... it's the way he did it. Talking with Becky and Kris in Tennessee. Conrad loves to help open everyone's presents. Phoebe is happy collecting the wrappings and giving them to Paul. It was nice keeping Christmas simple this year. Making Christmas ornaments for the Sederberg family and being able to help Brenda shop for Tom. Not putting out the usual pine boughs, white lights and pinecones on the mantle and shelves, but thinking about it everyday... they are still sitting in a pile outside. Hand sewing Katie's quilt binding and she went on shopping errands for me [We were both happy with that arrangement]. Kelsie & Abby were my shopping and wrapping elves too. Katie and Ransom making a kitchen out of a used $10 entertainment center for Conrad and Phoebe. Loving the feelings of being together...

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Becky said...

Love how you kept Christmas simple and were surrounded with your family. Our Pastor said something in gifts to those we love represents the ultimate gift given to us by God. What a joy it is to give to others, like the gifts you made for Brenda S. You reflect what Christmas is all about♥