Monday, December 26, 2011

birrell family memories 2010

Our family slide show for Christmas Eve is ready to go. 750 of our favorite family 2010 pictures, along with favorite music from 2010, creating a time capsule of memories. We look forward to it every year. It turned out pretty good and is filled with memories that are too soon forgotten. But, put them together with music and the ordinary day to day memories become extra special. It is true what they say, most of our happiest memories are centered around home...

Kelsie was taking a quick look at it, when a picture of Josh popped up on it and there she stayed for quite a while, watching it over and over again. Phoebe would point and smile. Kelsie would gently say, 'my Jb'.

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Becky said...

I know Kels misses her Josh! Bet the highlight of her Christmas was talking to him on the phone:) Phoebe's eyes are so blue and I love your pillows...and I love you all too!