Thursday, November 3, 2011

happy halloween

Halloween Memories:
Conrad lived in his costume for the week before Halloween... mustache and eyebrows too [He's got the moves down]. Drawing belly button spiders. It was a good thing it was perfectly warm on Halloween Night as Conrad would not put on a shirt or coat... ' I want to fly'. Phoebe holding her little hand out for candy. Visiting with neighbors. Placing candles in jars for the porch is the next best thing to carving the pumpkins. Hearing Conrad say thank you! Yummy stew [thanks Kelsie]'. Everyone made some kind of Halloween treat. Conrad must have spilled his trick or treat bag no less than a dozen times, scattering his candy everywhere! Porch lights off at 9pm... we played Scum.

Little Monkey & Nacho Libre

Conrad got to go trick or treating to his pre-school teachers
in the neighborhood

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Becky said...

What wonderful Halloween memories. Conrad is just how I imagined he would be...Nacho Libre! Katie did a great job with his costume:) Loved all the family goodies. We spent the night at our church's Fall Festival. Missed you guys!