Monday, November 21, 2011

the farewell

This day seemed to take forever to get here, yet yesterday it seemed to come too fast and didn't seem real. Bittersweet. I am learning that it is possible to want someone to stay and to go at the same time. But seriously, there is no place we would rather have him be, yet he will be very missed. I think of all the miracles that have happened in his life to bring him to this point. God is good!

He spoke in church today about finding joy in service and did a thoughtfully good job. His Dad his here from Michigan and Josh is so happy he is here. His grandparents did a great job feeding everyone afterwards. Other than Josh, the food was most talked about... the presentation and the food was that good!

He will be set apart on Monday night and will be leaving on Tuesday morning to South Africa. His adventure will begin immediately... and we are all looking forward to hearing about the experiences that will shape his life these next two years. We love you Josh and will keep you in our prayers.
Josh with his Mom & Dad

Josh & Kelsie

Josh & his second love, Phoebe


Cristina said...

the food WAS that good! it was a great farewell. we're excited for josh and can't wait to hear his stories!

(p.s. you take the best photos! no rush, but when you have a free moment could you send me the picture of josh & trevor, and the one of trevor, bella & i so i can blog them? email:

Kat said...

Brenda, please tell Josh good luck for us. He will do great. btw, Kelsie looks beautiful and i LOVE her dress. Happy Thanksgiving!

Becky said...

Thanks for posting so quickly. My favorite pictures are Kelsie and Josh and Phoebe and Josh. A picture says a thousand words...Please give Josh a big hug from us and we'll be praying for you all♥