Sunday, November 6, 2011

basement survival 101

The cold weather has barely begun and Abby & Kelsie have both been sleeping upstairs in the family room... of course part of me thinks they just like to be together because we can hear them talk and giggle. Still, it does get pretty cold down there. Abby informed me yesterday that she and Kelsie have come up with a few tricks to help them survive the cold nights of our basement. For reals? I asked. Must be. I do not believe that 60 degrees is 3rd world country cold. Here is their list...
1. Socks are a must
2. Tuck your pj bottoms into your socks
3. Tuck your top into your bottoms so it won't ride up
4. Wear a hoodie, with the hood
5. Stuff air holes with extra blankets so the warmth can't escape
6. Place a small blanket right on top of you
7. Move around as little as possible

I think I am still in a bit of a funk with Becky & Ethan gone. I miss her more than words can say. We have also begun counting down the days with Josh and making him his favorite foods... tonight we made wings [best in the world]. His sister Katie came with him. He will be going to South Africa for two years on an LDS mission and is leaving two days before Thanksgiving. Kelsie said that she will give him until Thanksgiving Day and then no more tears. We know better, but nursing school will keep her plenty busy as they both adjust to letter writing.

Larry and I bought new white sheets and fluffy pillows Friday night. I LOVE white sheets. My plan is to clear everything we don't need out of our room [it is just ONE of the drop off places for everything we don't know what to do with] and box it up to go through [later]. I have been gathering simple bedroom ideas on Pinterest and am excited to create a peaceful place to ponder and be for Larry & I. Lucky for us, I love thrift storing [and yard sales] and can do it for next to nothing. Now, just to find the time...

Conrad and I have started playing Mario Kart on the wii. So far we both come in a solid last place. Yes, I stink at it and have no plans on becoming a great player overnight. He loves it and every so often will squeeze my arm and say, oh! Grandma I love you so much. Is there anything better?

Yesterday Abby and I watched A Soldier Love Story (Hallmark) and Fireproof. Real good movies. It was real nice to just spend the afternoon being with her...

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Becky said...

Lots of random thoughts sister:) I think about you all and find the best thing to do is keep busy I'm just now getting caught up on your blogs. Tell my girls to cuddle up and stay warm. As for your bedroom, that's been one of your life long projects:) Love you and miss you tons!