Thursday, October 13, 2011


We headed up to the Uintah's today. Is there anything better than outside fresh air? Especially for the ones that made the long drive with Phoebe in the car. We first stopped at the Upper Provo River Falls then headed up to hike into Clegg Lake. With the storm we had last week, I don't know how I could have been been surprised with the 5+ inches of snow at the trailhead... down to 45 degrees too. With the little kids, we passed on that and headed to Mirror Lake to explore and walk around. Days are counting down 'til Becky & Ethan go home, so we all took our picture with her, as we do each trip.

Have you ever had one of those places that you drive by for years and can't figure out? Well the Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch in Kamas is just one of those places for me. I think we have driven passed it for 35+ years and it makes me smile. We stopped by the sign for pictures and believe we will be better prepared next time we pass by in warmer weather [I think they have a gift shop]. Imagine that. We know we are far from being their ideal poster girls, but it is tempting :)


Lisa Morris said...

You two make great poster girls for the nudist camp! As I see it is closed due to mosquitos, clothes are appropriate.

bulkleybunch said...

what a bunch of great pics!! you have an amazing family! xo