Tuesday, October 11, 2011

lazer tag

Memories of the day:
Walking Conrad to preschool. Going shooting. Lazer Tag teams boys vs girls... yes they were victorious against our girl power, but it sure was fun. Yummy White Chicken Chili at Lindsey & Tyler's. Celebrity clencher: Rod Stewart and Russell Crowe

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Cristina said...

thanks so much for including us! your family is so fun to be around.
can you email me these photos so i can blog them too? :)
email: cristinamary.m@gmail.com
if its not too much of a pain, can you send:
-the 2 pics of the boy & girl groups
-the whole group on the stairs
-ransom & conrad climbing
-& random & conrad smiling
-josh & trevor climbing
& josh & trevor smiling.
thank you!!