Thursday, September 15, 2011

OHS Washington DC Trip

Abby is off to Washington DC with a group of OHS history students and some of her favorite teachers for a week of history adventure. They were able to fly late at night and hit the ground running through New York for several hours early morning before catching their flight to Washington DC. She texts us occasionally and is having a great time. When she was taking a tour of the White House, their group got to see President Obama wave at them and get into the helicopter. Politics aside, that would be cool for her. I wonder if he is going on vacation? We are looking forward to hearing her stories when she gets back.


Becky said...

What an awesome opportunity for these young ladies. I still have never been there. She'll have a ball, plus to see the president! I know you're missing her and being able to go on this trip.

Josie Sue said...

I heard they had a lot of fun! (: Must have been a great week!