Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Canned Tomatoes

I have been thinking a lot about tomatoes this summer which only means one thing... it's time to bottle! Spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, chili, soups and salsa.... nearly everything we make is made better with tomatoes. (I love the flavor... not the chunks) I stayed home from work one day, put on an apron and looked forward to my day of nesting and bottling. I opened up the front and back door and felt the canyon breeze go through the house and knew I was in heaven just being home. I bottled up three dozen quarts today and have another 5 dozen to go. Hopefully we will have a late cold spell this fall and get many more tomatoes from now until then.


Decker Family said...

Beautiful tomatoes! You are amazing!!!! So domestic.
Honestly . . . those bottled tomatoes look gorgeous. Perfect.

Becky said...

Well done my canning sister. There's nothing better tasting for sure. What a perfect day at home, doing something you love and providing for your family....with the added bonus of those canyon winds! I'll have some of that salsa please!