Thursday, September 8, 2011

Answered Prayers

Life changed with a phone call. Conrad had fallen into the Provo Rec. Pool while swimming with his Dad, Phoebe and the young men in his church family. Accidents can happen so quickly and will become learning lessons. He was pulled out unconscious with no pulse, but all the right things were done and he was taken to Utah Valley Hospital, then transferred up to Primary Children's Hospital. Everyone could not have been more helpful or kind. I will always remember hearing Larry's blessing for Conrad, as Ransom held him in the Provo ER. I stood near the outside curtain and folded my arms and bowed my head. As Larry spoke, many of the medical people stopped and folded their arms in prayer outside of the room and I felt incredibly thankful for the gospel in our lives and the comfort that a blessing can bring.

I am not sure what to say. This experience will take time to work through and to fully appreciate & understand. It's not enough to say I am thankful, it goes much deeper than that. I think one day I will be able to get my feelings into words, but for now I thought I would post pictures of Conrad at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake and let you see how he is doing. He is still thankfully our fun loving, good natured boy and will make a 100% recovery. Thank you for your prayers. We felt them around us and know our prayers were answered. We love each of you. He came home this afternoon.

Primary Children's Hospital is an amazing place. You can feel the spirit there so strongly as you watch them serve the children in such loving ways... many, many in heartbreaking situations. I am already thinking of ways to give back and help the children there.

When he was first sent up to Primary Children's Hospital,
Conrad was checked out by a lot of medical people...
he screamed a lot and was so miserable. The only thing that
would begin to comfort him was being in his Mom and Dad's arms.

The next day, Conrad was still on oxygen and
continued to be watch over. He never did warm up to the
poking and prodding from the medical people

Snuggling time watching his favorite Disney movies

A visit from Phoebe helped a lot. She must have given him 10 kisses
in a row and he finally waved his arms and said "I'm done"

He loved to visit the Play Area down the hall...
a child's dream filled with the coolest toys and activities
Yes... he is potty trained, but hospital pull-ups came in handy
because he was attached to so many tubes

Knowing he would be ok put smiles on our faces


Kat said...

Brenda, I am so glad Conrad is all right. You and yours are in our prayers - love you all tons!

Jessica said...

I cried reading this, and am very grateful all is well! So glad he will be alright! Love you all

bulkleybunch said...

i cannot even imagine all the feelings and emotions your family has experienced this week. we love your family so much and are so grateful conrad is ok. hurray for miracles!! xo

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

crying here! so is you!

Becky said...

You've all been in our prayers. God is watching over this little guy! We're so happy Conrad is going to be okay. We love you so incredibly much. See you real soon XXO

The Ashtons said...

I'm so relieved that he's okay. What a miracle! We'll be thinking of you.

Andersons "Stand Sure" said...

This brings back so many memories of our stay at Primary's with our son Rob. Everything about that place helps you know that miracles happen everyday. This forever changes your life. All these years later I am still processing the experience. I have never found words to express it properly. I am so glad he is doing well. Tell Katie my first son gave me my gray hair. Much love, Laura Lee~

Beth said...

I cried through the whole post! I am so grateful things are looking better, please tell your family I am thinking of them.

Mower Family said...

so gald he is okay! I can't help but think if that were to happen to one of mine...things can happen so quickly! so grateful for our Father in Heaven watching over us and especially Conrad that day! love you all!