Saturday, July 30, 2011

Half Marathon and 5k

Oh the power of one set of sisters! It makes me think of the tenacity of Kelsie & Katie. Kelsie talked Katie (who talked/told Ransom & his brother Ryan) into running the Timpanogos Half Marathon. As they trained, I simply said that most people start with a 5k first, which meant to them that I didn't believe in them. "You think we are crazy!" Actually, I couldn't be more proud of them for pushing through and going after something that was so out of their box. They got up at 3am and started the race up American Fork canyon by 5:40am. We were excited to watch them make it to the mouth of the canyon, then we dropped off Josh at the finish line and Ashlee, the kids and I went to watch Larry & Paul's 5k... yes, Kelsie talked them into that one too!

Ransom & Ryan ran the entire 13 miles and were plenty sore for a couple of days. I believe Ransom said, "Never again". He likes riding bicycles.

Larry and Paul ran the 5k Coopers Run in Orem. They ran it pretty quickly and got hosed down at the end by the fire trucks. Cooper was a little boy that was accidentally run over in his driveway a couple of few years ago. His amazing parents are putting their grief into good things in honor of him. There was such a special feeling as they released the doves. I think both Paul and Larry would do it again, but would like to train more. The helicopter landing at the end was cool! As for the ones that didn't race, we got up early to take pictures and found ourselves tired afterwards too!

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Becky said...

Way to go...I am so proud of you all! Great pictures of the day and our runners in action! Looks like there was lots entered. Hope you are all rested up!