Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Party

The invitations arrived this past week... we believe by owl. We were invited to a Harry Potter Party planned by Katie & Lindsey... the best way to celebrate one of their most loved books that they have grown up with. 12 years of reading & re-reading the books, listening to all of them on Audi during family road trips (LOVED them!) Tonight we dressed as Muggles and excitedly began our party. Thank you girls!
The wizard treats we were each assigned to bring. Pin the lightening bolt on Harry Potter. Harry Potter Treasure Hunt. Nearly Headless Nick Hot Potato. Name my character. Watched Harry Potter 7 part one to get ourselves ready for the final movie coming out. Conrad in dress up clothes. Snuggling with Carter. Feeling grateful that the guys so willingly participate in the things that mean the most to our girls.

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Becky said...

Wow, you guys really went all out! Loved the costumes and the Harry Potter food. Your (my) girls are so creative to put this all together and it looks like you had a ball, especially Carter and Conrad. Heard the midnight movie was sold out across the US! Love, love, love you.