Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Graham Crappers

Our Grandson Carter is here for the rest of the summer, so we welcomed him home with a BBQ and smore's. The girls made yummy side salads. When Conrad got there, Carter's first words to him were, 'You can talk!'. Conrad was so happy to see him and they played and wrestled together the rest of the night, going around the yard and finding anything 'brown' that they could burn. I love how building a fire turns dinnertime into a long summer evening outside. Perfect weather. Conrad would hold his wood on his lap and waited patiently for the fire to burn down. We asked if they wanted to go to the park and play... they would not leave the thrill of the fire. Carter did a good job making us s'mores with graham 'crappers'. Ashlee gave the guys haircuts, playing around with Ransom's style... then it was off to play four square.

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Becky said...

Boys love fire! I can just picture Conrad waiting to put more wood on, he looked so focused in that picture. Carter and Tyler look like glad to hear Cater is spending the summer with family! Love you all tons.