Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A day off.

For Father's Day, the kids surprised Larry and pitch in at Pebbles to get his workload done. Yesterday was his day off from the hospital and they told us we were not allowed to go into work. Could the work world exist without us for a day? In the busy-ness of life it is easy to fall into the mindset of the need to get things done. For us, the question was "What do we want to do?" Not need to do, not have to do... but really want. Honestly, we didn't know. We slept in, we went to the health food store, we picked up lunch at Milagros and went up the canyon and read for hours on a piece of shady grass by the river. Heaven. We have a lot to think about as we try to find better balance in our lives... we need more time to just be together. We came home to the girls making us a homemade dinner. It was an especially wonderful day...

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Becky said...

You both deserve a day off. If you're like me, when you get the time off, you don't know what to do with yourself. A good book and time by the river sounds nice. I can picture you on the blanket with your head on Larry's lap. Love you both.