Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy to say the tradition continues... the kids (not kids anymore, but always will be to me) came over on Saturday and helped get the yard ready for summer. It is the best gift they could give me and is much appreciated. Probably more so this year than any other time as we juggle life lately. Turning on the music and gathering together somehow melts worries away. We are finishing up the Shop Hop today at Pebbles, which has been busy & wonderful. It has been a good week to visit with new customers. Thank you Katie for pitching in to help Ashlee! Thank you Kelsie & Josh for watching the kids so Katie could help... Oh! the trickle down service in a family is much needed!

This year Kelsie and Abby are planting the garden together... I think this includes weeding too, but will know in a few weeks if it does. They got it planted with heirloom tomatoes, roma tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, cucumbers, potatoes, green beans & carrots. Kelsie is also planting an herb garden in all of our metal buckets.

Today, they all surprised me and came to church. It was perfect having them there with me. Then we just relaxed and I even got to have a nap. They made me a mexican dinner and homemade cherry chocolate chip ice cream. Being a Mom to my daughters has been my greatest blessing in life, adding sons and now grand kids makes it even more so.

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Becky said...

Happy Mother's day sis. What a wonderful gift from your family... We both are so blessed! Can't wait for the garden to grow. We lay newspaper around our tomatoes/greenpeppers and then put grass clippings over it. It provides a nice protective covering that turns into mulch later, plus no weeds!