Sunday, March 27, 2011

St. George Store Now Closed

Broke down 3o miles outside of St. George on the way down.
Towed $120 + $13.00 fuel filter + $80 (5 minutes labor) = It could always have been worse. Larry looked up the diners from here to St. George and we happily ate our way through Mom & Pop Diners the entire weekend, beginning in Beaver. We are wanting to support the smaller businesses of America :) Josh wacked a cactus and it wacked him back with plenty of pokies that he has yet to get out... he had to wear his jammie bottoms the rest of the trip. Listening to music and just feeling so happy we were all together. There really is nothing like a good road trip. The boys rode bikes through the hills. Tyler hit a metal pole dead on and crashed. Tyler asking for a Dr. Pecker. Conrad buddying up to Tyler so he could have some of his Dr. Pepper (smart kid). Continuing on our tradition of watching real bad animal-horror movies with an over the top- very tacky Piranha movie (Thank you Katie). Awesome hike. Josh didn't want to go hiking but he did and he loved it (He said he was making lemonade). Phoebe & Conrad are much loved by everyone. Nielsen's Custard. Swimming. Getting in trouble spraying the hose in the pool "I expect that behavior from the kids". Kelsie's dream was fulfilled when she beat her Dad at mini golf, Go Karts were cool. BYU Won! Jimmer fever! Playing Lucky Unders. Tyler & Lindsey's four month anniversary. I hid the rest of Ashlee's sour dough bread in the cupboard and got caught hoarding (anyone who has tasted it would totally understand). Lindsey trying to help me and limited my candy Riesen's... the only problem with being on a calorie counting system is that everyone (Lindsey and Abby) want to know if I track things as I eat them. Saying goodbye to the St. George store, everything was boxed up and ready to go. I am looking forward to seeing what Marcia creates when she opens up her new store "Dandelion Wishes" April 1st in our spot. I am so grateful they are keeping Wendy and the girls. It was a wonderful trip!


Bigelows said...

Thanks for the fun trip! NO FIGHTING!!

Becky said...

I know you put all those pictures on for me! Thank you dear sis♥ I looked at every picture twice. As Ash would say, I miss you madly! What a treat that all could go along. Thanks for sharing your trip and memories with me!! Loved seeing the rocks on your hike and the diners were a hit. You look good Brenda and happy!

MSmith said...

Love all the pictures! Katie licking Ashlee is great :) ...and the pom-poms on Phoebe's hood are precious.