Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Little Fish

Last night, Conrad and Phoebe spent time with us, so Ransom and Katie could go on a date. Lucky us! Conrad is very entertaining when he is an angry monkey pounding his chest, as he jumps, rolls and angrily growls everywhere. He loves the bath and has discovered swimming under water and proudly announces he is a fish! I see swimming lessons this summer for him. Katie has been working on getting the kids on a schedule and it seems to be working... about 8:45pm Conrad grabbed some books and said "read books on Gamma's bed and nuggle". We read books and snuggled, after we read them he simply said "I sleepy." He closed he eyes and he fell asleep. It was strangely weird and I called Katie immediately and told her. I believe I witnessed a real life miracle.


Kim M. said...

Dang, he's cute! Could he give some of those "sleepy" lessons to Ella? That IS a miracle!

Becky said...

You do like your bathtime pictures! Yep, he's ready for swim lessons. Get your pool ready for this summer!