Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

Memories of the day:
Kelsie and Abby woke up at 6am and Kelsie was showered and ready to go by 7:30 "Why did I get up so early?" she asked. Reindeer carrot mess on the side porch. Taking a very quick family picture of the day... will do until spring when we get a good one. Spending time with Tyler's son, Carter. Making blankies for the grandkids. Going to Larry's Mom and Dad's for dinner and visiting. Coming home at 7pm to get back in our pj's to open presents at the end of the day... strange I know, but for now it works wonderfully. Conrad & Phoebe. Tyler's gift of homemade pickled beets. Loving my framed Family Tree from everyone and look forward to filling it with names... frame is wood of my Dad's that Ashlee has been saving. Ashlee and Paul are sick. Watched the DVD of 2009 family memories. Homemade gifts to each other. Ransom called in the morning and asked if he could bring a homelesss person over for a shower, fresh laundry and a good meal, I asked how he felt about it and he said good so he grabbed some groceries and went to get him, only the man ran away from Ransom. I love Ransom's heart. We feel continually thankful for our answered prayer.

Phoebe and her "Bunny" that Josh made her


Becky said...

What a day you had and you've got the pictures to remember it by. Everyone looks happy and healthy with lots of special gifts. Your right, it's usually not the expensive gifts that touch our heart but the simple ones given in love. Merry Christmas to you all. Miss you incredibly much and love you even more. Loved your family picture♥

MSmith said...

Love, double love, triple love you, your family, your pictures, your attitude.