Monday, December 27, 2010

A Night in Bethlehem

I had been looking forward to going to Night In Bethlehem this past year and for us, it got off to a rough start... time kind of got away from us. Not everyone wanted to happily go, but it meant a lot to me, so we piled in and headed over, not sure what to expect. It was filled with the Christmas spirit as we walked into Bethlehem filled with townspeople, live chickens & roosters, Roman soldiers asking for tax money, hot soup & chunks of bread, the innkeeper and his wife so thrilled with their inn being full and turning away Joseph and Mary (sitting on a live donkey) and then last minute, offering them the stable. Each person walking outside with their own lit candle and seeing the angel that prophesied of the Christ child and the shepherds in the field... ending with singing Silent Night. It was perfectly Christmas and we all went home with a deeper testimony and I am looking forward to next year and will plan better for it.

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Becky said...

I had tears when you told me of your special evening in Bethlehem. It's what Christmas is all about and I can see another tradition coming for your family...O Holy Night♫ I Love you all so much!