Monday, December 20, 2010

Birrell Family Christmas Party

Amazing how we can fill Scott and Jill's home to near bursting each year... no one seems to mind as we move around to visit, catching up on the lives of everyone. We love it! The kids especially look forward to the candy bar game and everyone takes home more than their share of candy. Today we celebrated Larry's Mom's birthday... she is very loved!

Rules of the Candy Bar Game:
Put the candy in the center of your group and roll dice (a bread pan holds them nicely). Everytime you get doubles, you quickly grab your favorite candy and put it in a bag. Keep track of who takes your favorite kind! After the candy is gone, set the timer for 5 -7 minutes and every time you get doubles you get to ask for your candy "Paul... I want your Snickers". But remember... If they don't have it... you don't get it :)


Amanda and Jake Matagi said...

I remember that game growing up. We used to play that all the time. Thanks for reminding us of a fun childhood memory that i may just have to bring up this Christmas.

joe and betty said...

Hi! Each year we still enjoy being together for the Christmas Party. The food is always good and the company the best. We are even getting use to all the pictures Brenda takes and they will be a treasure in the future.
Love Ya All!
Grandma XXOO

Becky said...

Happy belated birthday to Betty and what a nice way to celebrate. The candy game looks fun. I would have been after the red licorice if there was any. That is quite the cake Betty is holding. Good thing she is getting used to all those pictures you take!