Friday, October 15, 2010

Monster Houses

Last night we made Monster Houses for the first time.... I overloaded on the sugar and ate my way as I went along. We starting decorating with our black frosting and butter knives, making a mess and when we looked up, our Ashlee was at the end of he table with her frosting in a piping bag, creating a much more professional house. She was still sitting at the table long after we were done. Paul used his Leatherman knife to assemble his house. Larry's house caved in early on and he gave up, calling it 'abandoned'. I think it is something we will do again, though we all want piping bags like Ashlee... we will be eating off of them from now until Halloween.


paul & ashlee said...

i sound a little pathetic...well, it was a little lonely sitting there while some would ask if i was done yet with some of the you mom!

Becky said...

Yes, Ashlee is quite the decorator, even holding her house beautifully in the photo with a complimenting gold sweater on. Everyone else did quite the monster job. Talk about candy! Never heard of monster houses before, but they all look quite goolish!