Saturday, October 30, 2010

Katie & Phoebe

Pictures of Katie & Phoebe a few days after her blessing. Hard to believe that she is a little over one month, yet feels like we have known her forever. We know we have. The love that children and now grandchildren bring into our lives is amazing... maybe it's because of the hope it gives us of new life and a second look at the often overlooked moments with our kids in the busy-ness of raising them. Whatever it is, I am most grateful.


MSmith said...


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

what can I say but "ooooooh, aaaaah!"

Becky said...

I loved the picture of Katie with Conrad and Phoebe. I think you should go into photography one day. You really have an eye for bringing out the beauty in people, making the simple moments breathtaking.