Sunday, September 19, 2010

Seeing Double?

You know how some families have kids that all look the same? And some families, like ours, have kids that all look different. We were curious to see if Phoebe would follow along with the Bigelow genes... she most definitely has.

We know Phoebe looks like her brother, but there are times we see a little bit of Katie in her too. So today, Katie brought over one of Conrad's baby outfits and we dressed her in it. We took pictures and then compared baby photos... it would be hard to tell them apart as babies, except for the hairline and maybe her slightly more delicate features. Conrad is still so tender with her and sweetly says, 'my turn' to hold his baby sister.
Conrad and Phoebe
Phoebe and Conrad


Becky said...

You sure can tell they're brother and sister. I wonder if Phoebe will have Conrad's dark eyes? or maybe she'll have her momma's♥ Love you all. Hope you're feeling better Brenda.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...