Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Expensive Lesson

Not so funny humor at my expense. My Savvy Shopping has caught up with me big time. While out shopping the deals, I came upon a bag of corn nuts for .19 (Regularly .89) In my head, if 12 bags are a good bargain, 72 must be better. We loaded up on WOW deals and came home. That .19 bag of Corn Nuts has now ended up costing me $1,300 (after insurance) for a fractured tooth root from biting down on these rock hard kernals. Ugh! I knew something was way wrong when I took that final bite and thought that maybe my tooth just needed to rest. Nope. After a week of staying away from my right side, it still hurt more than quite a bit. Finally I went to the dentist and he kindly said it needed to be removed and he would put a post/implant in it's place. Lucky for me it is in the back and I will do my best not to throw my head backwards in laughter until it is corrected. The highlight of my day was the gas, now I just feel numb. It will be nice to feel better soon :)


Chocolates for Breakfast said...

oh no! i so sorry!

Becky said...

You did sound loopy when I talked with you. I got so tickled when you couldn't pronounce your words clearly:) Hope you are feeling better today.