Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Orem Tiger

Abby is all set to go to Orem High. She is a tiger. Hard to believe that our youngest will be in high school. Crazy. We have kept our eyes on the building of the new OHS in the parking lot for the past two years and this summer they bulldozed the old school down... a little each day and this week an asphalt parking lot will cover our school, leaving the memories in our minds. Our OHS is gone and in it's place is a brand new modern building. Sad for all of us that went there, good for the kids that are soon going... hard to believe that 10 minutes into the first day, someone will be sticking gum under the new banister...

We looked forward to seeing the new school and I was so disappointed... yes, it is a beautiful school, but the inside colors are tan and dark gray. Very neutral and boring. Who made this choice and what were they thinking? What happened to the blue and gold tigers? Only touches of blue and gold in a couple of places. Even the lockers were tan. It was so sterile and strange, but I know in time, it will fill up with new memories.
Love, Brenda


Becky said...

The school looks good in the pictures you took. Next time I come out lets go for a tour. My favorite picture is of our new Tiger, Abby. She's so beautiful and already dressed in OHS colors. Have fun Miss Abby.

The Ashtons said...

Adam and I went to the new school for our 10-year class reunion last night. You are totally right! They were soooooo close to having my dream school if they could've just pepped it up with the blue and gold and brought over the old memorabilia. In time, maybe? I hope because I still love OHS.