Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gone Camping

It felt good to take off for a few days and leave the busyness of life at the curb. There is an ungoing debate in our home about camping. What is true camping? Some say hiking in and backpacking, others tent camping in the wilderness and still others like the campground idea with trailer hook ups... I say Yippee to any of the above... as long as we get away to the great outdoors, we are happy. This time we just took off and found our own place above Strawberry. Lindsey and Katie stayed home this time with things they needed to do.

Memories of the trip:
Shakes in Heber. Conrad jumps in every puddle and squeals in delight. Abby's new weird & very loud laugh. Cow pies. Walking sticks on our hike. Tin Foil dinners. It rained bucketfuls. Craw-dadding. No fish. This is a great place to get a permit and cut down wood. Paul tying Conrad up. Playing our new card games, Canadian Salad and Lucky Unders. Ashlee's swollen & itchy arm from a bug bite. Thinking Conrad is just about ready to be potty trained with his head's up 'I ewed' afterwards. This is a child's playground- Conrad throws every stick in the fire and every rock into the water. Cold mornings and nights. A sky filled with stars...
Love, Brenda


Becky said...

Fantastic're just missing me from them! At first I laughed cause I thought of you saying "less pictures is better." But there's no way you could've left any of 'em out. I don't know which one is my could be Conrad with the girls by the fire, his batman Pj's, Ransom's hat...maybe Ashlee smelling the scent of fresh pine cause that's exactly what I would have done. Wish I was there to try that tin foil dinner. Hope you gave Ashlee some tips on fire starting! Sure wish I was there to hear Abby's laugh! Love you all and miss you.

Ransom & Katie Bigelow said...

Thanks for taking care of my boys. They had a lot of fun!!