Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Larry

We woke up to Larry's Bday. After going to some yard sales, filling in sprinkler system trenches at Ashlee and Paul's, weeding our back yard, filling the fridge with fresh fruits & vegetables from Costco, we made sandwiches and headed up the canyon. Then we played Ultimate Frisbee... a game we could play over and over again! Conrad had a great time playing in the water, doing somersaults and became fascinated with trying to catch his shadow... funny kid! He opened his presents and in trying to find his old stamp collection, he found his treasure box of Scouting and Birrell Bottling stuff, etc. We had a good time going through it with him. The girls made dinner and we watched one of his favorite old movies 'CaddyShack' (edited) while we enjoyed the Anderson's fireworks. He is loved by his girls. Our lives are so blessed with Larry in it and we all know it :)
Love, Brenda

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Becky said...

Happy Birthday Larry. We thought of you on Randy's special day too. He is home for the weekend and is out on the boat as I'm writing this with his friends. Looks like your day was special with your family gathered around. The got to eat on your birthday!