Friday, June 18, 2010


Kelsie and Josh came up with an idea a couple of months ago. Pair up a Jamey Johnson concert in Bakersfield with a quick trip to Disneyland. Abby and I were invited to come along and watch over them. This trip for me wasn't about what we did, but more about the feelings I felt... the look on Josh's face filled with the newness of Disneyland, especially on Jungle Cruise, Scream and Space Mtn. It was good to be with Abby. I loved getting texts from home and hearing how all the kids were doing such sweet things for Larry to take care of him. I felt happy knowing I am surrounded by the love of my family, wherever I am :)

After two days of Disneyland we headed up to Bakersfield and noticed the concert time on the tickets was 1pm. Who has a concert at 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon? I called Larry and he found out that the concert was canceled. Ugh! We turned around and headed back down to Cheesecake Factory and Venice Beach...

Memories of the trip:
Larry gave Josh & Kelsie strict instructions not to let me drive... I get sleepy. Playing Hangman with Abby and snuggling in the back seat. Abby was the drenched one on Grizzly Rapids. Wet socks=water blisters= funky walking for Brenda. "Mom, what is your pain level from 1-10?" Mid-day power nap to stay out late. Getting our picture taken in front of the castle and photographer asking the 'little one' to hold out her hands (Kelsie). Rainforest Cafe. Waiting at the end of a one hour line for Splash Mountain when a awesome nice man gave us fast passes!!! Abby taking my socks off on Splash Mountain so they wouldn't get wet. Riding Big Thunder during the fireworks. Pizza Port. Hugging Abby at night time, but she said it was ok because she was asleep. 5.3 Earthquake during fireworks.Venice Beach. Talking in my sleep... apparently. Abby thought Venice Beach was creepy. Josh & I did the nice thing and bought 3 music Cd's. Watching the skate boarders. Water was COLD. Cheesecake Cafe. Feeling trapped in the car from time to time. My favorite? I was able to visit all four of my Aunts! Aunt Judy, Aunt Jackie, Aunt Nancy and Aunt Beverly!
Love, Brenda

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Becky said...

Looks like you guys had a super fun time, full of memories. I thought of you the whole time. All our Aunts look wonderful! I sure miss them and you guys. Now maybe you can slow down for a rest and take some time for yourself.