Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is what 58˚ feels like

Spring is officially here (at least for today). What are we looking forward to most? All the little things that make up summer... spud, four square, tshirts and shorts, night time movies in the backyard, planting a garden and thinking this year it will be more successful than last, sitting & visiting on our new grandma swings (actually old on, seeing the neighbors more, working in the yard, long dinners outside, just being outside, more light at the end of the day, floating on the lake and down the river, pineapple / orange juice popsicles, summer walks, wienie roasts, sleep outs, camping trips, basketball & plenty of bike rides... bring it on!


susana said...

I'm lovin' your springtime picture...It can't get better than that =D

Becky said...

We are getting a taste of summer here in Tenessee too. Right now it's 69 degrees and blue sky!

The Ashtons said...

...Definitely my favorite time of year and so happy that it's almost here. I endure winter!