Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baking Cookies with his Wo Wo

I love when the kitchen smells like fresh baked cookies. Today Conrad baked cookies with Wo-Wo... his name for Kelsie. They have to be made quickly because he sure likes the dough, actually everyone who walks by likes the dough. Instead of baking three pans of cookies, they had dough for 2 pans... enough said.

Kelsie loves to sing and dance to "Kelsie" by Metro Station in the kitchen any chance she gets... I believe she thinks it is specially written for her. Conrad's favorite parts are the 'Wo Wo Kelsie, I'd swim the ocean for you' and ever since, her name is Wo Wo :)


Becky said...

Never heard of this group, Metro Station, a sure sign I'm getting older. I went into You tube and listened to "Kelsie" and heard the "Wo." ....Well, my little Wo Wo, have fun baking and singing with Conrad!

Ransom & Katie Bigelow said...

He looks so happy. I need to start having him help me. Just not sure where to put him on my 2 inches of counter space!

bulkleybunch said...

yay! i have a nick name for kelsie now. how cute! and we're lucky if we get one pan of cookies, dough is the best part by far!