Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday Surprise

Vicki is loved. That is how I would describe her surprise birthday party that her daughters Betsy and Emily planned for her. It was an especially special day as we gathered to celebrate Vicki. The girls planned everything down to the last detail in true party style! We were all pampered as we ate delicious food in probably the most beautifully decorated party room I have seen, played birthday bingo (yes, several older friends struggled to read their papers, could it have been any more fun?) and visited for a wonderfully long time. I came home so happy and reconnected with life... good friends can do that! She will be the keeper of Yolonda (the cardboard hottie that seems to make her way around the 50 year old circuit). Thank you Emily & Betsy, you are growing up wonderfully!


bsurrounded said...

I totally have the best friends and daughters ever. Thank you Brenda, Marci, Debbi, Donnette, Terry and Kathy Jo for celebrating with me and making me feel so loved. And especially thank you Emily and Betsy for being such joys to me. You two throw such amazing parties. I love you all. I didn't know that turning 50 would be so great! It was such a fun day that I will always remember.

Chocolates for Breakfast said...

Yes it was a great time...I'll bet Betsy and Emily laughed their heads about us for hours after we left?! I'll bet that you are so excited that Yolanda will be headed your way soon?!