Sunday, December 27, 2009

Opening Presents

This year the kids drew names and made a homemade gift with no more than a $10 budget. It was fun to see their minds work through the holidays as they came up with the perfect gift. These are always the best gifts of Christmas.

Paul made Katie a wooden step stool
Ashlee made Josh coupons for his favorite treats
Lindsey made Abby embroidery hoop push pin boards
Ransom crochet Lindsey a beanie
Katie made Kelsie a jewelry display frame
Kelsmade Ash acorn earings and fridge magnets
Josh made Paul a cool target for BB gun practice
Abs made Ransom banana bread and a monthly coupon book for treats

No one knows who the presents belong to until we are ready to open them. Each year there is a different ribbon color for each person. I have to hide the codes somewhere in the house to remind me when I wrap presents. No one has ever found the hiding places throughout the years... no one.

We kept Christmas simple this year. Homemade gifts are my hands down favorite...Ashlee made me a What if? question game, Katie & Ransom helped Conrad make a cookie jar with his handprints and the rest made a handpieced tablecloth. Larry loved his Packers shirt 05 (for 5 daughters) and slippers. He has never had a pair of slippers before and is wearing them

The grand finale? The girls each unwrapped a box with an outfit perfectly chosen for them from the Gap. The look on their faces was priceless... they were speechless as they checked out their ugly clothes. My thinking? Well, it doesn't matter what Larry and I pick out through the years... they generally take it back. A gift card seemed impersonal and so as Lindsey says, 'Go big or go home'. They had to model their outfits for us and then they will take their clothes back, get cash and go shopping. :)

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Becky said...

Home made gifts are special for sure. The girls expressions are priceless as they were opening their stylish outfits, just priceless! Great picture of modeling them too. They'll remember that! You guys are very blessed.