Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Chaos

Our Birrell Family Christmas party was at Scott and Jill's this year... We packed their home with family and plenty of non-stop visiting. Each year we add more people and there is always room, we are glad that nearly everyone can make it :) We filled up on spaghetti & alfredo sauce, then rolled ourselves downstairs for the Candy Bar game, fighting for our favorite candy bars... yes, I took home the Butterfingers & 100,000.00 Grand. Everyone has a favorite and generally everyone leaves happy, except the younger kids who often cry with disappointment when they don't get their favorite... but thankfully, most everyone shares. Then we played Christmas Pictionary. We celebrated the Bday of Larry's Mom, Larry's Dad had cataract surgery and was a bit loopy. We had a wonderful time. Thank you Scott & Jill!

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Becky said...

Great pictures of Betty with her grandkids. You will cherish those pictures forever! Looks like a fun night for all.