Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Halloween sure came quickly this year. Our Conrad was a lion, complete with a little boy roar! Of course he was more interested in following the cats and dogs in the neighborhood when we went Trick or Treating. When we got to Ashlee & Paul's, he got a baggy of is favorite homemade whole wheat croutons. He spent the rest of the time, stopping and eating the croutons. Larry made his Chili and Ashlee put together the rootbeer and dry ice. We greeted all the cute, scary, strange Trick or Treaters who dropped by, then settled in to watch Charlie Brown and Young Frankenstein. It was a nice night.

Larry, Ashlee & Paul moved the cardstock inventory to our garage today so we can avoid having to rent a smaller warehouse at this time. It's a tight, workable fit. This week, we need to finish clearing out what is left in the Pebbles Inc. warehouse.


Becky said...

You have such a gift Brenda for color and setting up pictures. Picture taking is quite enjoyable with the rich colors of fall. Everyone looks well and happy, even our ferocious lion, Conrad. Happy Halloween to you all. We just hung around the house, rented some DVDs and ate candy. Not one trick or in the country and all.

MSmith said...

Triple, double, quadruple cuteness of the Halloween fun.