Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wave Running

Today we were lucky enough to go to Deer Creek with Josh and use his grandparents wave runners (thanks Dave & Kay... very much appreciated). We woke up to a cloudy day and had hoped for warmer weather, but it stayed cloudy and rained here & there. Upside to the weather? The crowds stayed away, even on Labor Day Weekend. We had a good time taking turns riding the wave runners, kayaks and skipping stones. Larry & Kelsie planned a yummy lunch of homemade hogies. Am I the only one in the world that doesn't like cold sandwiches? We came home for grilled hamburgers and the BYU vs Oklahoma football game. BYU surprisingly won and Larry is a happy boy!

Memories of the day:
Miranda got to come with us. Conrad loves to throw rocks in the water. Katie bundled up in a blanket and sleeping in the kayak on shore, greatly disturbed when she was kicked out of it. Larry shivering so hard he could hardly talk. Josh wrapping Kelsie in layers of beach towels. Abby trying to get off the wave runner carefully, but falling in, up to her shoulders anyway... even though the water was knee deep. Watching Ransom try to paddle with his feet to get near shore so he wouldn't have to get wet. Ashlee called Kelsie a ninny and to prove she wasn't, Kelsie drove faster and tipped them both over in a 'my body will not like this in the morning kind of way' (nor will the padding in Ashlee's swimsuit top ever be the same). Ransom's newly found glasses. Ashlee taking pictures of the young girls next to us having a'Red Bull' party. Ransom took a big rock with him on the wave runner and dropped it in the middle of Deer Creek. No cookies.

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Becky said...

Poor Ashlee. I was laughing so hard at the pictures that Scott came over to the computer wanting to see too. Loved Ransom's new specks. That was a day filled with memories for sure. Love you all and miss you.