Friday, September 4, 2009

Swiss Days Now & Then

The early bird gets the worm. So we got up extra early this morning and went to Swiss Days in Midway. Hmmm... there were a lot of early birds up even before us. Next year we vow to go much earlier. They had pretty cool things there that we found delightful, but we thought through our purchases and ended up buying very few things...saving much money and clutter. It was beyond crowded and I think just about everyone brought a baby.

The years sure have gone by fast. I use to have a craft booth at Swiss Days for years, staying up night after endless night painting 'Brenda Birrell Wood' and preparing for the most crowded and hottest craft show of the year. I shared the booth with my good friend Pauline Davenport. It was exhilarating, yet fun and I came home unbelievably tired at the end of each day. One year I remember being so tired, I took a nap under the display table. I would reach under the tablecloth and slowly untie people's shoelaces without getting caught and smile. Larry was always good to help and would bring the girls to see me in unmatched outfits and wild, unkept hair. They looked as if they had no home that loved them. But we knew differently :)

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Becky said...

Brenda, what memories you are able to recall :) I've been to Swiss Days and remember what fun we had and you're right, it was packed with people. I imagine it's even more so today.You fit right in 'cause you had a little one with you too! What did you buy?