Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scrapbook USA Dinner

We celebrated the end of Scrapbook USA and went out to eat at Brick Oven Pizza. Larry & the girls worked hard and afterwards, the boys came to help tear down the booth. The crowds were down, but overall, it was a good show for Pebbles. I love how they pull together and work, it's not always easy. Everyone was hungry and tired, dinner was yummy and filled with a lot of the show news. After 17 years in this industry, we have made good friends. Josh played with his food and Ashlee doesn't want to sit by him anymore, Lindsey & friend Chelsea talked too much on their way to a friends wedding today in Manti and ended up in Fillmore... missed the wedding, Ransom and Josh are concerned with man boobs and vow to get in shape and we came home to watch 'Psych'.

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Becky said...

Brick oven is my favorite place to eat when I go home. Lots of memories there. Good family tradition after your scrapbook show.