Friday, September 11, 2009


Today feels different. I believe it always will. I was at Pebbles the morning of 9.11 and I remember Josh saying he heard a plane hit one of the towers. How crazy. How can this happen? Can't the pilot see the building? We quickly turned on the TV and then the other building and areas were hit and we watched in disbelief as we tried to get our minds around what was happening. Life changed forever that day in so many ways. So much security in place now and trust gone, replaced by fear and uncertainty. One of the little things I still miss the most is getting off the plane and into the arms of a loved one at the gate... coming or going, it felt like home. Through this though, I do have a greater love, respect and appreciation for the people that serve us and protect our country.

I think of my Dad always on this day, because I had such little time left with him. He passed away in November, a month later. I am surprised that eight years have come and gone... It felt like the world stopped. But life doesn't stop for anyone, we pick up and continue forward, always with our loved ones in our hearts, never far away.

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Becky said...

Hawkins Elementary had a special tribute for 9/11 to honor all those who died. Our principal spoke and we had a beautiful slide show. It was a good history lesson as some of our students weren't even born yet when the terrorist attack occurred.