Monday, July 20, 2009

Strawberry Jam Showdown

Today brought on our Strawberry Jam Showdown between Ashlee Ward & Lindsay Bowerman. They prepared the contest area and placed the jam in similiar brown bags. They even provided real butter and the world's best Shirley's Rolls. The tasting began... many of us had to eat several before coming up with our favorite and soon we were out of rolls. Everyone placed their votes on secret ballots and Josh was our official tally boy. The winner was Ashlee by one vote (a virtual tie), but the real winners were all of us at Pebbles who were treated to such fresh yummy strawberry jam. Our next showdown is Monday in the category of fresh salsa between me and Maria Larson. Game on! If we play our cards right, we figure we can have a real good treat once a week at Pebbles :)
1&2. Ashlee & Lindsay trash talking 3. The showdown area
4. Ashlee or Lindsay?5. Lindsay's Jam 6. Larry & Kelsie
7. Maria & Kelsie 8. Amy 9. Kelsie 10. Brenda with the sniff test
11. Josh 12. Ashlee's jam 13. Danielle & Lindsay 14. Final tally sheet
15. Ashlee is victorious 16. Friends until the next showdown!


ty and megs said...

what a fun idea!

there is a gal in my new ward in cleveland who knows you brenda. her name is becky barnum (i don't know her maiden name) but she said you and her mom and really good friends. her family lives in idaho. she knew i knew you as soon as she waled into my house and say my "loveless brick" you gave us for our wedding. :)

Becky said...

Looks like you all had a great time with your strawberry jam show down. Bet both jams were delicious. Next week...salsa. Sounds like you're on to a new idea :)