Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tonight we looked forward too dinner at the Z's. Good food & friends with plenty of visiting. Devon was completely delighted and outdid himself with his twinkling white lights in the backyard... they were beautiful! We had a very nice time and feel blessed with our friends :)

When we got home I stayed up and watched the season finale of Harper's Island. It's a rather suspenseful, totally gruesome who-dun-it murder show that somehow sucked me in this summer.
1. Larry & Brenda Birrell 2. DeVon and his twinkly lights
3. Val & Jeanne Christensen 4. Brad & Debbie Anderson
5. Art & Kathy Jo McKinlay 6. Terry & JoAnn Petrie

1. David & Kay Balmforth 2. Richard & Jan Carter
3. DeVon & Terry Zumbrennen 4. Kirby & Vicki Packham
5. Garth & Marci Smith 6. Richard & Diane Taylor


Becky said...

I recognize many of your church family members. What a blessing to relax and fellowship with one another. Aren't friends the best:)

JULIE said...

ooooooh fun I sure love all you guys!