Saturday, July 4, 2009


I think I will always smile when I remember our neighborhood fireworks display this year. After tearing down the Pebbles booth, Paul & Ransom ran to the store and picked up some fireworks. They got what they thought were rockets and were quite excited... but they weren't rockets and only went airborn when Ransom held them. "Duds" both boys said as they hung their heads low. I believe our display lasted 10 minutes at the most and that's only because we took our time. The fireworks that the Hoyal's did across the street was magnificent and must have lasted 2+ hours. We are bound and determined to do a presentation that will not only rival theirs next year, but will kick their trash :) Game on!

Then we loaded into Ash & Paul's truck and watched the fireworks on a nearby hill overlooking Stadium of Fire. They looked so tiny from where we were at, but then we didn't have any crowds to fight with either :)

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Becky said...

Looks like Conrad enjoyed the brief firework display. Why don't you go in with your neighborhood for fireworks. Everyone is on a budget and all together you'd have quite the display :)