Friday, July 3, 2009

David & Pip

This is a story about David, Ransom's younger brother that is too endearing not to pass on... Not long after David got home from Utah, he was hiking with his dog and rescued this baby bird he found stuck in a glob of sap on a tree. There was no nest or mama bird in sight and so he brought it home. I was sure it would die, but David cleaned it up, went hunting for grasshoppers to feed it and it is thriving. We named it 'Pip'. Pip is a mockingbird... we're not sure whether it is male or female. It is the cutest thing though. It perches on our hand while we go hunting for grasshoppers (definitely its favorite food). It will eat seeds, fruit and worms, but it definitely prefers grasshoppers. It eats constantly, so it is a family affair trying to hunt for food for it and keep it satisfied. It is almost ready to fly, so David is teaching it to hunt for itself. We wonder if Pip will just fly away, never to be seen again or whether she will stick around. We hope she sticks around. David is so cute with her, like a proud papa!
-told by Marian Bigelow (David's Mom)

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Becky said...

Now that is a cute story! Reminds me of Brad when he was younger with Ringo the magpie. David will always remember this.